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MFM - MultiFrame Metaformat

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The main goal of the MultiFrame metaformat (MFM) is to be able to define binary formats for data acquisition and serialization that are self-contained, layered, adapted to network transfers and evolving.

  • Self-containment is achieved through the use of in-frame metadata information.
  • Layering is achieved by allowing a data frame to include other data frames.
  • Network adaptation is achieved by allowing limited necessary decoding (basically byte counts) for transmission purposes.
  • Extensibility is achieved by including byte counts for frame elements (e.g. Headers), version fields and additive extensibility rules that allow both backward and forward compatibility with user software.

Detailed specification are in this file : MFM Specification


Some application of the MFM format to experiment:

MultiFrame-2.2.pdf167.27 KB