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Cloud/Grid Computing: StratusLab v0.3 released

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Repris de la liste d'annonces de StratusLab :


The StratusLab project has released version 0.3 of its cloud computing distribution which aims to provide a full cloud solution for grid and cluster computing.

This release includes improvements and new functionality for operating grid sites in a StratusLab cloud and enhanced security and robustness. It also paves the way for the up-coming launch of the StratusLab Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for all your cloud Virtual Machine image needs.

Grid Appliances

The new release coincides with the availability of a set of appliances for grid virtual machines (gLite CREAM Computing Element, Storage Element, Worker Node, User Interface, and APEL Accounting Service) which are now available in the StratusLab Appliance Repository.

StratusLab is also pleased to announce a certified production Grid site as part of the Greek National Grid Infrastructure running entirely on StratusLab resources.

Enhanced security and robustness

StratusLab 0.3 has a focus on enhanced security and robustness and a number of new features have been introduced to protect sites running the StratusLab distribution, along with features to help users ensure the provenance and safety of the images they deploy, and improved monitoring and logging.

Specific security-related features include:
* Authentication via both LDAP and VOMS Proxy certificates is now supported
* Additional logging and quarantining of images to help track down issues and allow forensic analysis of incidents
* Enhanced support for signed metadata for images along with validation tools
* Support for administrator-defined VM policy enforcement
* Improved monitoring with a new monitoring web front-end for users and the availability of Ganglia probes for StratusLab

OpenNebula 2.2

StratusLab 0.3 brings the new OpenNebula 2.2 cloud toolkit with enhancements developed to address the requirements of the project:

* Integration with Ganglia for the monitoring of the cloud infrastructure. Large Grid sites may benefit from the scalability of Ganglia and use it as the monitoring source both for physical hosts and VMs. Moreover, the administrator is now able to have a real time graphic representation of the resource consumption using the Ganglia Web Frontend
* Fault tolerance has been improved to automatically trigger recovery actions when a physical host or VM fails
* Virtual Network improvements, to dynamically add and remove leases from a virtual network

Future versions of StratusLab will leverage these features

The StratusLab Marketplace

Look out for the upcoming launch of the StratusLab Marketplace which provides a one-stop-shop for all your cloud Virtual Machine image needs.

The Marketplace is a registry for shared-images which will allow user-communities to search for VMs and share those that they create. It includes many features which will put users in control of the virtual machine images they use, while still satisfying the requirements of security-conscious site administrators.

The preview reference deployment of the Marketplace is available now. For more information contact StratusLab at "support arobas stratuslab dot eu".

How to get StratusLab v0.3

Download information and full documentation for this release is available on the StratusLab website at

If you would like to try out the software without installing it locally, you can access the StratusLab reference installation

Please contact "support arobas stratuslab dot eu" if you have questions or feedback on the StratusLab distribution, or to get access to the StratusLab reference installation.